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Linda has been actively involved with animals for nearly 30 years not including the cats and dogs she grew up with and all sorts of
other animals including budgies, newts, guinea pigs, rabbits, fish
and ever gerbils. 

She has also been successful in rescuing injured wild animals and returning them to their natural home when recovered. Some of these included a baby robin, starlings, some sparrows and even a painted turtle that had been run over by a car!

For the past 25 years, Linda worked for nearly 10 years as a vet and tech assistant, owned and trained her own two goldens and a standard poodle and then started up her own pet sitting business.

During this time she also began an apprenticeship with the Ottawa Dog Obedience Group (ODOG) to learn how to better train not only her own dogs but how to effectively teach people and their dogs with successful training methods.

Over the years, Linda has been involved in cat rescue.  She has kept and also re-homed nearly 75 stray, abandoned and abused kitties.  She has also been a long time supporter of some of the Ottawa based feline rescue groups and has helped foster and find homes for several of these lucky cats!

With her experience working and helping do treatments for
cats, dogs and other pets at the vet clinic and continuing to
treat her own pets at home with her vet's help, Linda is qualified
to offer some in home treatments for cats including SQ fluids
for the CRF cats, or pilling difficult patients, ear gelling,  insulin injections and BG monitoring etc.....
Linda is vet recommended by numerous clinics in the city.

And lastly, in the Spring of 2010, Linda continued to put to
use her many years of experience working with dogs and opened
the Ottawa Doggy Daycare & Training Centre.

Here Linda and her hand picked staff work with some of the
young daycare dogs to teach them good manners, correct bad
behaviors and to encourage good social play for all the dogs
that attend.

This has also allowed Linda to use the facility to teach
and work with pet owners to achieve well behaved pets by
running obedience classes and trialing classes and some beginner agility and rally obedience!